GIZ- Agor Industrial parks Ethiopia

Socio-economical survey of the agro-industrial parks

Examining the adaptability of educational institutions

The focus areas of the innovation and technology development plan include human resource capacity building, creating, supporting and empowering key institutions that would increase economic and social benefits through the creation and consolidation of the digital economy.
This requires the development of education and the provision of adequate human resources for key economic sectors.
The survey aims to explore the extent to which public education institutions, primary schools and vocational training institutions located around clusters can serve and support the human resources needs of industrial development. Furthermore, in which areas do they need external support to optimize their operation? To this end, we examine that: (1) What competencies do students leaving institutions to have? To what extent does this meet the needs of the employer? To what extent can the institutional system support the flexible adaptation of prospective employees to changing workplace expectations (LLL-related competencies)? (2) How quickly and how sensitively are each organization and its educators able to respond to environmental changes and challenges (learning and innovation potential)? (3) To what extent are the infrastructural conditions within the institutions able to serve quality education needs?